6 Steps To Having Him Tear The World Apart For You

In this 6 week class you’ll learn the 6 important steps to having him tearing the world apart to get close to you!

Why Should I Invest in This Program?

1. See Your Beauty and Strength
We are going to find out who the girl inside of you is. Things that you may not have even known were there.

2. Feel Your Magnificent Power
What does this power that you possess feel like? We are going to dive deep into ourselves to find out what it feels like to be this powerful woman that any man dreams of being with.

3. Open Your Heart to Incoming Love
We will uncover what may be blocking you from the love you deserve. Opening your heart up and trusting yourself enough to let love in.

4. Free Yourself and Go Rogue
Free this girl that has had chains put on her by so many people and circumstances.

5. Create Your Sacred Safety
I will help you create a place that only you can go. A place that is safe and free from all distractions.

6. Be the Goddess You’re Meant to Be
What does your ideal life look like? Who are you meant to be?

Instantly Download The Bonus Video  “An Interview With My Husband” After You Sign Up

Instantly Download The Bonus Video  “An Interview With My Husband” After You Sign Up

What you’ll get for your investment of $597:

1. You will be immediately added to the Rogue’s 6 Step Exclusive page for paid members only. (This group is a no judgement zone). We will be here to support and uplift each other.

2. Each week for the next 6 weeks, you will get my audio program posted in our exclusive group for that week.

3. Worksheets will go out with each audio on Monday's.

4. I will go live and talk to the group every Monday about each step live in the facebook group. You can all watch and ask any questions at anytime in the group.

5. Friday's I will do live coaching with the women on their specific situation and discuss the week’s progress and what to look forward to for the next week plus Q&A using zoom.

VIP Package:

This will include my live 6 week program in my private group with all the other women for extra support.

PLUS 4 sessions with me that can be used at any time so we can get started right away.

And…unlimited emailing

during the 6 week class.

All…for $1,497.

6 Step Class

Valued at $1,197

Only $597

VIP Package

Valued at $1,997

Only $1,497

Installment Plans

Rogue 6 Step Class

Number of payments 2



At Checkout $328.50 USD

Second payment $328.50 USD

Total $657.00 USD

2nd payment will be made at 4 weeks

Rogue’s 6 Step Class + VIP Coaching

 Number of payments 2

 Start payments At checkout



At checkout $823.50 USD

Second Payment $823.50 USD

Total $1,647 USD