Have you ever wondered

“Am I the crazy one, or is he?”

“Am I to needy?


Does he have the problem?” 

“What’s wrong with me?”


“Am I that hard to love?”

Is He Toxic Or Clueless?

These questions and many more will be answered in the Rogue Rules 5 week program (is he toxic or clueless), where we go over how to figure out if he’s toxic or just plain clueless?

Is he hurting you on purpose or is there something you could be doing differently to get the love you desire from your relationship?

There will be no more second guessing your own sanity. You’ll have clear direction on how to handle the most difficult man.

For 5 weeks we will walk through each Rogue Rule together and learn all the tools needed to handle the most difficult man.

Take a look at some of the success stories to get an idea of what consistent, expert relationship advice from Rogue can do for you: 

Mary Rodriguez

​I met Rogue about a year ago, decided to sign up for her coaching 1:1 month session and it was so comforting to have someone to talk to whenever I felt like giving up on my almost 5 year relationship then. So glad I did not give up! Long story short, I put the tools into practice, I changed my whole dynamic towards him and the way I spoke and responded to his behavior, he saw I changed, fast forward to a year later this past Mother's day weekend and here I'm with a beautiful ring on my finger. He proposed on Mother's Day! I changed, he noticed and BOOM I will always be grateful for the tools I learned with Rogue and will always behave as the goddess we are all meant to be around any men.

Nicole Littrell

You have to just talk to her!!! If you have never had a conversation with her your missing out on a great soul!!!
I had met her through work, and she had spoke about all that she does helping everyone.... I was one of those women who hides all their feelings and just tries to make sense of everything or just run. So when I had actually shared my story with her I felt it was all hopeless. Even crazy when just explaining it! That I had exhausted all options and it was just going to fail. My marriage was just going through the motions. I was full of resentment and anger and yet just wanted everyone “happy”. I was pleasing everyone and just burning on the inside.
I never wanted the family to be split apart and I was battling of that guilt as well.

I just started the first steps... I thought I had invested so much already and Lord knows how much money and more emotional heart break was going to be if Divorce was just that last thing to do.
(I do not like failing and this marriage going through a divorce wasn’t so much as we as a couple failed... More at I failed myself.... I wasted my time and emotions for nothing.) I chose to do this for me...

I can not express to you how quickly she had my mind set changed and I was starting to “feel” everything! All the emotions and being able to let them pass right through me and continue this journey of self discovery with her.
I am proud to say my Family is great and we are closer than we have ever been before. Everything I was not feeling getting met I can see the difference. Follow the steps and allow her to help guide you the process. You will see that you can conquer all the relationships in your life and be so full of confidence that it is just fighting to get out!
We are still learning and human!! Now we just have a better way of not ever needing things to escalate because we have that want to not have any other way!

Ryan Amberlyn Belden

Rogue is absolutely amazing. I was very nervous about talking to someone but my relationship was not as healthy as it should've been. In the 6 weeks that I had rogue as a coach my relationship completely turned around and changed. It helps me not only in my relationship but in my life. I love it and would recommend it to anyone and everyone
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