Crack Her Code...

On May 5th come experience the 3 week program designed just for men. Rogue will walk you through the 12 easy things her man did to get her back. What grabbed her attention? Why did she push him away? What did she want? How did he get her to lust after him again?

Crack Her Code

(Get Her To lust After You)

Week 1

How Do I Get Her To Lust After Me?

Get ready for 3 weeks of videos and live classes on how to quickly get the results you want in your relationship.

I know that men are not interested in a long drawn out class. I love working with men because they like to get to the point. Just tell them what the secret is and they will do it. No games and no drama. Simple.


I love MEN!!!


I can honestly say that isn’t what I would have said a few years ago but now I understand men on a whole new level.

Most women don’t understand how to communicate their needs properly so we end up frustrated and alone.

As the man I know you are just as frustrated because you wish that she would just tell what is going on with her.


That’s where I come in at! I’m the one that’s able to help you see what it is that she’s not saying. I’m gonna be the little birdy in your ear ready to help you figure this women out.

Crack Her Code

3 Week Class


Crack Her Code

3 Week Class

+3 Sessions