Get Your Freak ON!(Bring the sex back)

5 Days Of Bringing Your Sex Life From Dull And Boring To Exciting And Passionate
5 Days Of Taking Your Sex Life From Dull And Boring To Exciting And Passionate

Join my husband (Jeremy) and I in a 5 day sex program. We'll be covering all of the things that keep a relationship alive in the bedroom and how to stay happy and fulfilled in your love life.  

Rogue Speaking here: I get it! I've been there! Wondering why my husband doesn't desire me like I desire him. I wanted sex and felt frustrated because it was always on his terms. I felt like I always had to initiate or it didn't happen. 

What I really wanted was for him to desire me so hard core that he would want to rip my clothes off and just give it to me ;) And then there were the times that he would intiate and then I wouldn't want it because it felt as if I wasn't ready, I wasn't turned on. 

Jeremy speaking here: I see things from a man's point of view. (Obviously I am a MAN) The truth is I have always wanted to want my wife, but it does not attract me/men to you if you are not confident about yourself......feel great about who you are. As a man I want a chase, the thrill of the hunt. I feel that we were great at this (sex) department for a long time. But we lost our way. And it wasn't until we learned how to be confident with OURSELVES, that now we have mind blowing sex MOST of the time.

I've learned that men want to understand women just as much as women want to understand


Most men are saying "just tell me what you want!"

While women are saying "you should know by now!"

I've decided to launch this program because there are way to many men and women who are just as frustrated as I was just going through the motions, not knowing how to turn things around. They don't understanding that sex is the compass for how well a relationship is doing, how long it will last and just excepting that this will be their life for ever. Excepting so much less than they deserve.

I know this one thing for sure...


Love doesn't have to be boring and stagnet. It should feel fun, mysterious and exciting, bringing you so much love, life and happiness.

It should NOT feel frustrating and hard!

Come ready to learn how we have kept our 18 year marriage on the up and up and still feel passion for each other.

After you take this class you will:

1. Have a deeper desire to connect with each other.

2. Learn how to communicate with one another and understand each others needs.

3. Learn how to stay present in the bedroom (truly being there together).

4. Learn how to express your desires and feel ok with having them.

5. Know what to do when your bodies aren't cooperating but you both want to have sex. 

6. Have a sex plan! Without some type of understanding and sex plan things will get stagnet again. It's important to clearly understand what is needed from each other to ensure that things stay GREAT!

7. Bonus for the men (How to pleasure your woman). 

This program is for any man or women who is:


1. Tired of feeling unfulfilled in the bedroom.

2. Wanting passion back in their life.

3. Wanting romance.

4. Wanting to be understood.

5. Wanting to feel desired.

6. Super Freaks ;)


This program is NOT for men and women who are:


1. Fuddy Duddys.

2. The Close minded.

3. The faint of heart (lacking the courage to face something)

4. Those who like to be stuck in a rut.

5. In denial



As an added BONUS this program will be held in a private facebook group where we'll have open discussion during that 5 days and you can ask ANYTHING at ANYTIME.

Sex Class+Facebook Group
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1 Hour 1-on-1 Session With Rogue + Sex Program and Facebook Group
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