Heal Yourself, Heal Your Relationship
This 4 hour event is going to be life changing! Come prepared to learn how energy healing works and how it can affect the over all health of our relationships. Our love lives will be affected if our over all health and energy is off. Let's learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energies.
Rosalyn will be teaching on these areas around energy healing and you will get answers to the following questions:
1. How does energy healing work?
2. What is the mind-body connection?
3. What is the definition of healing?
4. How can I tell if my heart is open or closed?
5. What are the states of energy?
Rosalyn is an intuitive energy healer/Reiki Master, meditation guide, energy coach, and registered nurse. She will explain how the answers to these questions pertain to your overall well being and how an energetic perspective to your life can shift your consciousness.
Rogue will be teaching about masculine and feminine energy
1. How to communicate with your partner
2. Opening your heart tool
3. Explaining how to switch between the two energies (Masculine and Feminine)
4. Increase intimacy in your relationship
This event will be like nothing you've ever experienced before. Two women who have been through life changing events to bring about complete awareness in their lives. They have healed their emotional wounds and now you get to learn how to heal yours as well. 
Join Rogue and Rosalyn and see how energy healing can be the answer to healing your own body without modern medicines and how balancing your feminine and masculine energys can be the answer you're looking for in your relationship 
Heal Yourself, Heal Your Relationship