Welcome to Rogue Relationships private members ONLY...One on One sessions & Live Class page. 
I'm so happy your here and ready to learn. Let's start by changing how we do things in our relationships. Let's see how you can grow in leaps and bounds in your life and intimate relationships just by becoming aware of a few things.
I'm sure you were so excited to see all of the added benefits of this group...And I want to add even more for you as a member!
Nothing can help us quicker than one on one attention to our specific story and situation. 
As a member I would like to add for you access to One on One coaching with me at a 40% off discount.
1 Hour Session: Value $199
40% Off $119
Live "Get Your Freak On" Class: Value $197
25% off $147
Live Class Plus a One on One Session: Value $396
40% off both $237