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Am I Sabotaging My Relationship?!

When we start to create a problem in our minds, every little thing starts to compile more evidence for why we should leave.

We start thinking of all the things that aren't working for us.

He doesn't want to do things that I want to do. He isn't acting interested in my needs.

We start to question his love for us and the questions....

What is wrong with me? Why can't he see what I need? Why can't he love me?

Once we compile enough evidence in our mind we start to distance ourselves emotionally, wondering about how it could be better not dealing with this anymore.

The thing that stops most people is the fear of the unknown. What if it isn't better or greener on the other side? What if we haven't found the right one yet?

I'm very aware and catch myself doing this and it's still hard at times to see through the sabotag

ing that the ego tries to attack my mind with.

I have learned to create distance when I'm feeling this way. Distance makes the heart grow fonder isn't just a saying. Its truth spoken by someone who knew to step back long enough to see things more clearly.

Working out our own thoughts and feelings is so important to the success of any relationship. Being less reactive and more conscious is key to having the love you desire.

Patience is so important but not easy to do initially.

Learning to be patient with yourself is key to understanding yourself.

Start with these questions…

  1. What am I feeling? (This is very important, even if it’s a sensation that you come up with. Maybe you feel numb or tingly)

  2. Why am I feeling this way? (The why isn’t always important. You may not be able to put your finger on why).

  3. How can I communicate this out loud to my partner without criticizing or blaming them.

  4. Say what your feeling out loud.

I just gave you the keys to tapping into your inner self and understanding what is causing you to want to leave or run from your relationship.

If you will follow these steps you will start to learn all kinds of things about yourself and how to heal yourself from the inside out.

And most importantly how to allow a man to be your strength instead of your enemy. Giving a man the inside scoop on what we are feeling allows him to understand us better.

Once we learn this process he becomes our hero. The masculine energy that can protect our feminine energy.