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Do You Intimidate Him?

I know men can be very confusing at times. They say that they want an attractive and self-confident woman, but when we get more confident by losing weight or getting that new job promotion, it seems like they withdraw and feel like less of a man.

So what’s the deal?

Do you constantly get mixed signals from your man or from men?


What if I told you that it has nothing to do with your confidence but everything to do with your vibe?

He wants you to feel confident, and nothing thrills him more than to brag to his buddies about the girl he has at home (his sugar momma perhaps). 

Why doesn’t he act that way towards you? You’d think he’d want to spend more time with this new amazing women that he has, but yet he doesn't...

*Doesn’t plan dates *Doesn’t ask you to go out on the weekends with his friends *Doesn’t buy you gifts without you asking, or worse...  *He does buy you things, but you have that little nagging question in your mind: “Is he buying me this because he feels guilty about something…?”


It’s so frustrating, I know, and it can be very painful. I know the struggle very well. I have done so many things that you would think would completely make a man just beg to be with me but it never worked quite as I’d hoped. 


All I would attract was the kind of men who looked for a girl with status and think I would be a hard one to get, so they would pursue me only to break my heart once they had me. 

I have coached countless women who have gone through the same thing, and let me tell you this. 


 I have the answers to help you figure him out. Whether it be your boyfriend, husband, or a new man that you would like to give love a try with. 

Let’s start with some Tool to help you right now…

1. I want you to start a journal ASAP. Write your thoughts and feelings in it throughout the day. 2. Picture your ideal life and write it down. Nothing is too out of reach. 3. Now picture your ideal man. How would he treat you? Be specific: “He rubs my feet after work, he plans exciting vacations” and so on.


I think you’ve figured out by now that you can’t control a man. As much as you would like to it just doesn’t happen (or it appears to work until you find out that he has lied again). 


Let me tell you that you will never be happy with a “tame” man. Once you break him or keep him from being truly free you will then no longer be attracted to him. 

We women want a wild masculine man (but at the same time not so wild that we have to always be suspicious of cheating). 


Let me show you how to let him be free and still feel confident that he’s being true to you… so all he wants to do is be around you and make you completely happy. 


 I know from my own personal relationship that the tools I will teach you work like magic. It all starts with unleashing that goddess that all women have inside of them but they don’t even realize is there. 

Visit my coaching page so we can get you on the right track to your happily ever after Love,