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  • Rogue

He Told Me "NO" And It Was Sexy As Hell!

Woman are good at getting what they want. I personally could talk people into just about anything. I was never really aware of this until the day I met someone that COULD tell me NO. It was so frustrating….

I was so drawn in by his charm and outward masculine self. It was so damn HOT!!!  It Almost became a quest to see if I could get him to say YES.

Every time I asked him to do something it was NO! This hurt, but it never stopped me from trying.

I would say stop by and see me…

Call me…

Let’s take a drive…

Then I would offer to do things for him.

I will buy that for you...

I will make that for you…

Let’s go run together...

Most of the time he wouldn’t say yes or no but his actions said NO.

Sometimes I could talk him into things and it seemed like that’s what he wanted. He wanted the woman putting forth all of the effort.

I wondered why I was accepting this behavior when I didn’t want this type of treatment in my life.

And so this is how the confusion of a man being A MAN gets twisted and us woman get stuck hanging on for more.

Wanting MORE of that assertive Manliness. Someone that can handle us and tell us NO.

But this kind of man gives us….More rejection, More loneliness, More sexual frustration and More unhappiness.

I was hanging on because I wanted a man. No, I needed a man. I needed that masculine man in my life.

I needed Love and was desperately trying to get it.

I had already long before this TAMED/EMASCULATED my husband (Not consciously).The energy had been shifted to me running the show for so long and I was tired.

Tired of carrying the masculine role and doing everything.

It gets us what we want

…Vacations, Dates, Sex, New Furniture, New House

...but does it really?

I could talk my husband into just about anything given enough time, constant nagging and maybe a little pouting.

But then I was never satisfied because I wanted the ideas and the effort to feel genuine and straight from him.

I wanted to feel truly desired.

Anytime we are the ones planning or DOING in the relationship we still feel empty afterwards. That’s because what we really need is true genuine effort to feel loved and not so empty on the inside.

We can give this love to ourselves but once we invite someone else into our lives we are then giving them a part of ourselves and that comes with an expectation that we will share love and intimacy together.

It wasn’t until I learned what real love felt like and how to love myself first that things started to shift.

I no longer had room in my life for anything less than the best from a man.

Let me help you discover what I discovered. The shift in my vibe that saved my marriage and many others along the way.

Much Love,