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How To Love Him When Your Feelings are Gone

I hear it all the time,

“I love him but I’m not in love with him”

“He’s my best friend, but I’m not attracted to him”

“I married him because he was so nice to me and I was tired of being hurt by the bad boys”.

“I lost my feelings and I can’t get them back”

You’ve heard these statements as well and I’m sure you thought, who would stay in a relationship like this? Or you’re in one of these relationships and don’t know what to do to change it, so you stay. It just feels more safe. These all may seem like a lost cause or maybe even make you question if love is even real….

I’m here to shed some light on this subject and let you know that love is real and you can be confident in the fact that it’s waiting for you. I understand this feeling too well. You’re married for 10 plus years and have everything that most people dream of having and BAM! 

You wake up and still have it all, but lost the one thing that mattered the most, your marriage. Or you want the perfect relationship, the perfect white picket fence marriage and you’re too afraid to try it because of all the failed relationships you’ve seen.

It feels awful to lose that desire you once had and yet know that you can’t live like this. In fact you search out advice and either hear “that’s just what happens with time” or “once it’s gone you can’t get it back.” It’s devastating because you would’ve never dreamt that this would happen to you. So now what?....

Live this life lifeless with no passion, without feeling desired like I so wanted? I knew there must be more and searched for it only to be even more lonely and more hurt. I asked myself “why can’t I be loved?” “ What is wrong with me?” “ Am I that hard to love?”

Let me show you a few steps I took to get me to where I am today. I call this the third way and now you get to choose the third way as well. You don’t have to choose to stay or go. You can take a third way and start here with these four steps.

Four Steps to Feel His Love Again

1. Distance: Attraction starts with distance. Become a mystery to him. When he calls and your busy don’t feel like you have to answer right away.

2. Warmth: When he contacts you….I didn’t say if….I said when, be warm. You invite love in by opening up your heart when it comes to your hearts door. Say “it feels so great to hear from you”.

3. Do something each day for you. Example: take a walk, read a book or my favorite, turn music on and dance while cooking supper.

4. When he talks, listen intently. Focus on his face and really listen. Study his eyes and mouth as he talks.

When we feel stuck it’s because we think that a choice has to be made. The great thing about the tools I teach is you will instinctively know what to do without feeling like you’re doing the wrong thing or looking back and regretting the path you’re on.

The third way is amazing and I would love to walk you through it. Love doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually true love is easy but I know it doesn't seem like that right now. I can help you to learn how to find that true love you long for.

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You Are Always Loved, Rogue