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How To Tear His Walls Down For Good

Men can seem so confusing sometimes. 

We just wish we could see inside their brain and figure out what they want and what they are really thinking.

Have you ever felt this way?

I know I have.

I received a letter from Lacey explaining her confusion over a man who seems to come close and then backs way off.

Lacey's Letter

Hi Rogue, I'm in a relationship with a man and he's so standoffish at times.

It takes me weeks to tear his walls down and get close and once I do it's like we start all over again.

It's hard to explain he reminds me of what it would be like to get close to a wild animal.

If you could imagine slowly walking up to a wild animal and then he gets spooked. He runs.

That's how I feel. 

What am I doing to make him run?

He wants me to get close.

It's like he can sense the love coming from me and desperately wants it but he just can't trust it enough to let go and be with me.

How can we keep the closeness I feel and make him trust me?

I want him to see how much I love him and that I would never hurt him.

Thank You Rogue,


My response:  

Lacey, I know it's frustrating to feel these emotions and want more and more, only to be disappointed by the roller coaster of emotions that follow when he pulls away and closes himself off from you.

This probably seems like odd behavior, but let me reassure you that you are not alone in this.

Many woman experience this same type of behavior from a man.

There could be numerous things triggering him to do this:

1. He is completely frightened by intimacy because of his childhood (lack of love growing up).

2. Maybe he's being completely dishonest with you about why he can't be with you in the first place. He enjoys being with you but just can't morally go that far (it's possible another person has his heart right now).

3. Maybe you are leaning forward and being in your masculine energy. If he is very masculine, although he may want to be with you, it's very uncomfortable for him.

So how can we fix this?

First we have to see what's going on with you and the dynamic of the relationship.

Like I said, a number of things could be going on - but what's most important is what's going on with you and how you're responding to his behavior.

Let's start with one tool here I like to call "peace out." 

This is basically hanging up or leaving before he does.

I know it sounds silly but it's very empowering.

It doesn't feel good to constantly be the one wanting and not getting in return.


Try this and see what happens.

(I know what happens for my clients, but go ahead and try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you!)

If you're in a relationship like Lacey's and need some help figuring out what is going on with your man, click the link below to set up a complimentary discovery session to get your relationship back on track:

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Love, Rogue

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