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  • Rogue

I Did It Once I Can Do It Again!!!

My life was perfect the way it was. I had a great career with great people who loved me and wanted to be around me. A great house and lots of things. So why did I decide to move into unknown territory?

Someone once said to me that you have to  get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to experience growth. In fact life is boring and unfulfilling if it's not uncomfortable at times.

I 'm still learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  Fear no longer holds me back from what I want in life and that is something to be proud of.

When I moved a few months back it was very uncomfortable to be the new girl in a completely different place but I embraced it because I chose this. Unlike the life that was chose for me, this felt like what I want for myself. The feeling I got from the people here was completely welcoming and I couldn't have pictured it any other way.

I didn't expect to feel like a nobody weeks later when I was the one with no clients and I'm watching everyone else do what I once did. I instantly felt the need to explain how busy I once was and try to prove that I'm someone that people want to be around. My ego was getting the best of me.  I was use to people wanting my time and everyone knowing who I was. My ego had created this image of me being a someone (even though I was a someone in a small town) and I was use to that feeling, I needed that feeling again.

Although I was excited about this new journey and reinventing myself. The self worth you get from others is astounding and when it's gone it doesn't feel so good. In fact I was in tears one day when a nice lady made an appointment with me and proceeded to tell me how hurt she was when she found out that her hair dresser was leaving her profession. She said "I cried because she's like family to me". I couldn't hold back the tears because all I could think about was all of the women's hearts I had just broken weeks earlier. They were my family and I needed them, I needed them to need me.

I could have let this get the best of me but instead I embraced the change and decide that I did this once, I can do it again. This time around I won't just wait for people to come to me I will do something completely out of my comfort zone and go to them!!! I started attending networking meetings to get my name out there.

To my surprise I love it!!!


Rogue xoxo