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Is It "OK" To Want Attention From Other Men?

I used to struggle with whether it was okay for me (a married woman) to engage in conversations or genuinely enjoy male attention.

Mostly because I was taught “you should only have eyes for one person and stay loyal to one man for your entire life or you will be damned to hell”

“Stay away from the appearance of evil…”

Men are NOT evil!!!


Most women want to understand them and would love to be part of their world.

I enjoy the company and attention from men so much.

To walk away from that, and not engage, seems crazy to me now.

That’s because I know how needed it is -- even if we’re married or dating someone exclusively -- to interact with other men.

Men have always kinda gravitated towards me.

At one time in my life I would inwardly be rolling my eyes when a man would whistle at me or direct a compliment my way. I thought it was bad to receive that kind of attention.

This fixed mindset had me shutting out any type of love that could be given to me on any given day.

My attitude would then attract the ones who wanted a challenge.

One of those men pursued until he caught me, and then deeply hurt me. Because, as it turned out, he was ONLY looking for a challenge.

Ladies, we need a level of difficulty about us -- but we also need to be able to accept the masculine with love.

This helps us STOP attracting the ones who plan to mess with our minds and drop us once they “got what they wanted.”

This is all based on how well we know ourselves.

It’s knowing what we need that determines our power in relationships.

In the past -- if I was out on a run, and I could see a group of men down the street -- I would be cringing on the inside because I just knew they were going to say something to me or whistle at me.

I was inwardly shutting them out.

Let’s fast forward to today and you will see me circle around and stop for a little chat with a big smile on my face or at least smile and say thank you for the compliment.

It’s not a coincidence that my marriage is more loving and fulfilling now than ever.

How did I go from closed off Rogue, embarrassed and annoyed Rogue, to the now free, relaxed, confident and approachable Rogue?

I’ve come to understand myself better and what I need.

I need masculine energy in my life on a daily basis.

Most women in this day and age have closed off their feminine energy and completely taken on the masculine energy role -- so much so that we feel we don’t even need a man.

This doesn’t create good conditions for love and relationships to flourish.

So how do we start to change this behavior in ourselves?

It has taken some inner work on my part and I still have times that I catch myself in my old ways but let’s start with allowing ourselves to receive masculine energy from men. 

Don’t be afraid of it.

A man opens the door for you… receive that with the most feminine smile and warm thank you that you can muster

Watch for the men in your life who try to protect you. Accept that from them. Maybe he says “call me when you get there.” Or maybe he warns you about something. Instead of shrugging it off, or saying “I can take care of myself,” receive the care and love he is providing to you.

Be open to truly loving men. All parts of them.

Be the feminine receiver you are meant to be.

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You are always loved, Rogue