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  • Rogue

NOTHING in common!

After 13 years of marriage I realized we have NOTHING in common! Well....basically nothing.

I mean we do have 4 kids that we absolutely adore and we're successful with our jobs but outside of that..... and more importantly our relationship... it just seems like we're interested in completely different things. Our passions on life our directed in two completely different places.

I like to eat healthy and he doesn't, I really don't like to sit still long enough to watch T.V. and he could spend all day watching T.V. He loves sports and I wouldn't know the first thing about it,  I absolutely love the outdoors and he would rather not spend anytime outside if he can help it. I try to look nice every day and it just seemed like he could care less.

How did I  NOT notice this before now? Love is blind I guess...or that's what I thought when I discovered this. It came to me that love is not enough...I need more.

What happened between year one and now? He use to really take care of himself, from doing his hair, dressing the part, wearing earrings and perfectly polishing his shoes. It's like he didn't care anymore, about me or himself.

I mean why didn't he want to look good for me like I wanted to look good for him? I wanted him to be proud that I was his wife but I got the impression that he HAD me so he didn't have to impress me anymore.

I even got the idea that after awhile it just wasn't worth it to be married because a guy wouldn't feel motivated to try to impress you once he HAD you and that's when he takes you for granted.

I know you think that having things in common is crucial for a happy loving relationship because that's what I thought...that had to be the problem right?!?! Now I know that this is not the case. Actually you can have very little in common.

All I really need is a man that adores me and wants to see me happy :)


Rogue xoxo